USD Speaker Series while Chuck LiMandri was Director of the Speakers Bureau (1974-1976) (Many Involved Much Media Attention and Large Overflow Crowds at Camino/Shiley Theater):

Fr. Karl Patzelt (Exorcist Priest)

Maxwell Maltz, M.D.
(Cosmetic Surgeon--Author of Psycho Cybernetics)

Joe Alioto (S.F. Mayor and Candidate for Governor)

William F. Buckley, Jr. (Columnist and Debate with Joe Alioto)

Charles Berlitz (The Bermuda Triangle)

Women's Week Program (Feminist Comedy Duo)

Who Killed JFK Program

Art Linkletter (TV Host)

Ray Bradbury (Science Fiction Author)

Rod Serling (Screen Writer--Twilight Zone)

Otto Preminger (Movie Producer)

Jean Michele Costeau (Oceanographer)

Sen. Sam Ervin (Chaired Senate Investigation Committee on Watergate)

Steve Allen (TV Talk Show Host)

Sen. George McGovern (Presidential Candidate)

Rollo May, PhD. (Psychologist)

Aaron Copeland (Composer)

Jean Dixon (Psychic)

George Plimpton (Sports Writer and Actor)

Dick Gregory (Comedian)

Hal Lindsey (Christian Author)

John Novak (Hypnotist and Magician)Jimmy Walker (Comedian and TV Actor)

Vincent Bugliosi (Prosecutor--Author of Helter Skelter)